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Why Lisbon?

But why is everybody rushing to Lisbon? Not only because of the sunny weather, or the price of life which did not raise when euro started : the price of the bica, expresso is still less than one euro, 70 cents, as in France it is closer to 1 euro 50 - the lowest price - up to 3 or 4 euros. Not only because portuguese people are nice AND efficient and smiling. Portugal is dynamic and has understood many things about the art of living in the 21st century. When other countries are still fighting to desperately try to keep the old world alive, Portugal seems to have entered innovation and a healthier way of living in the most natural way. Creativity is booming in food. Try Descobre Restaurante  and their special Bacalau and Leite Creme de Laranja in Belem. Local tascas allow locals to eat plenty, a whole lunch for 10 euros, marescos and peixe. While France is making comments about Brigitte Macron's skirt, portuguese TV is busy making sure young people eat fruits. There is a concern for alternative education and more qualified cursus for industry and tehnical jobs. Pope Francois and Fatima and saudade and tradition are still srong. Lisboa Festa,  Santo António, muito venerado, is coming in June. Start-ups and young entrepreneurs seem to create exciting events as well such as The Business Storm.

The Business Storm Cascais

"The Business Storm is a world famous, new-millennium, unique business event format that aims to disrupt the business world." A rendez-vous designed for start-ups to optimize their process. “Portugal is a top destination to create, test, fail fast and try again” says StartUP Portugal.“Viable’s mission is to reduce that entrepreneurship failure rate!”. A new partner, inspiring Business incubator : Startup Lisboa. A dozen French coworkers from Officience in Paris decided to join in a work trip in Lisboa and Cascais, an “offytrip”.such as, / ,  And they have a look at Cascais where the event is taking place June 1 st. They will for sure speak about the new ways of working of the younger generation and the way to re-think jobs. We'll give you news.

Casa das Histórias Paula Rego Avenida da República, 300
2750-475 Cascais

Custo: 99,00€ | 269,00€
Horário: 1 junho das 8h00 às 19h00 | 2 junho das 9h00 às 16h00
Inscrições e Insformações: a decorrer até à data do evento | 967 261 334 | | htpps://
Organização: Business Storm Global