Lisbonne Web Summit 2018 Parque das Nações, 

Please be patient : starting a story about all the incredible women in tech I met and the list is a long one ...More soon!

 Women in Tech

Women in Tech is a facebook group with women from everywhere and all nationalities exchanging, offering jobs, looking for partners etc. So many women that I met, some are now part of the history of the Web, some very active in all kind of tech jobs and digital.
While attending the 2018 Web Summit we decided to make a team to share news and contacts and I hope to make it happen at 2019 .
Below are some women talented in tech met throughout the years 

Women in Tech est un groupe Facebook émanant du Web Summit, où des  femmes de toutes nationalités échangent, offrent des emplois ou en recherchent. Lors du Web Summit 2018, nous sommes plusieurs femmes à avoir décidé de former une "team" pour partager les informations et les contacts et j'espère que nous pourrons le faire lors du Web Summit 2019.
 D'où l'idée subsidiaire de dresser une "liste" informelle et forcement non exhaustive de toutes les femmes tech talentueuses rencontrées.

Anne Roquigny

Anne Roquigny is a French independent media curator and she invented "the art of surfing the web" with WJ-s an innovative public display for online projects and art. A recent work art a connected sculptor. Another international project with David Guez. Host and artist a platform connecting places and artists all over the world. 
 As a digital art curator in many countries with performances, show, workshops, and implication in women empowerment, she gained esteem and reconnaissance with number of publications in the press.
She now seems to give a new  turn to her career with Energies Quantiques 
(To be followed, à suivre)